Delft server:




Starting a practice application


When Java 1.5.0 or higher is available on your computer (see practice access menu), you can start a distributor player practice application on the by clicking here. Detailed information with regards to logging in for practice can be found on this page.
Note: the Battleground India game is currently unavailable -- come back later to take a look.






The practice mode is meant to get you familiar with the application you'll use when playing the game. Specifically for this purpose a game has been created that runs on a server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This game is reset automatically every 24 hours. Resetting takes place at 06.00 o'clock in the morning (GMT+1).


The game is setup in such a way that you can choose to play either a manufacturer or a distributor (retailer). Half of the actors suitable for human control (i.e. manufacturers or distributors) used in the game are computer-controlled, the other half is available for you to practice with. This game runs at a very slow pace (much slower than when the game is played in a classroom setting). Further, there is no scenario part of this instance of the game. Hence, no news messages will appear, nor are there additional events in this game.




Firewall / Restricted access


The practice game runs on one of our servers and is accessed using port 6060. Though the software is configured in such a way that it should not be blocked by any firewall, it might be that the your Internet provider does not allow you to connect to a server on this port. This will become clear when you try to logon. For the time being this means that you'll not be able to practice with the game, since we cannot decide whether system administrators provide you with the necessary access. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.




Starting a player application for practicing


The moment you've logged in a window will appear with a few options as illustrated below. You may choose your preferred actor role and than the player name. Based on the number of people practicing these lists are updated. It might be that everybody is practicing, which means that you'll have to try it at a later moment.




When problems are encountered


For an overview of possible problems that you may encounter during logging in we advice you to have a look at the login support page (see link on the left).