Access to the game

You can get access to the game via servers of Delft University of Technology or the University of Maryland. This can of course only be done when a class is running, and when you are invited to participate in the game.


What needs to be installed to run the game?

Before you can run the supply chain game, you or your lab manager will have to make sure that Sun's Java 1.5 Run Time Edition (JRE 1.5.0) or higher including Java Webstart 1.2 or higher is installed on the computer from which you run. If you are using Windows, this will be checked automatically when you start your player application as described below.

If you are running Linux, Solaris x86, or Solaris SPARC, please follow this link: for installing the correct Java version. For Mac OS X, Java 1.5.0 is already installed, see for more information.


Starting the "Battleground India" game application

When Java 1.5.0 is available on your computer, you can start a player application using the menu indicated by the game facilitator. It may occur that after clicking on the link nothing happens, or it appears that nothing happens. Use the <alt+tab> keyboard combination to switch between the opened application and select the icon that says "Please login". The picture below illustrates this.




For immediate questions, you may look at the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the menu of this page. Detailed information with regards to logging in for players can be found via the practice login menu on the left. If you get an error, help can be found in the "Login Support" menu on the left, or in the frequently Asked Questions list.