Key Players & Competitive Strategies




Key Strategic Drivers

Possible Competitive Strategies

Local (Small)

  • Deep historical brands
  • Long term local suppliers
  • Loyal customers
  • Community support
  • Less capital
  • Less technology
  • Lower volumes

Strategic Dilemmas:

  • How to maintain market share?
  • How to fight increasing competition?
  • How to stay independent?
  • How to lower costs?
  • Local chains more efficient
  • Lower prices to suppliers
  • Local promotional deals to expand volumes
  • Positioning for possible acquisition(Reduce debt and raise on hand cash)
  • Tapping only retail demand and no institutional buyers 

Local (Big)

  • More capital
  • More local acquisitions
  • More JV seeking behavior
  • Trans India operations
  • Big volumes
  • New to market
  • Less local support


  • How to get more technology, capital and SCM practices?
  • How to increase market share?
  • How to successfully integrate the acquisitions?
  • Raise capital from national and international stock markets (Good liquidity and low debt)
  • Raise market share by keeping low prices
  • Long term contracts with suppliers
  • Tapping big institutional demand 


  • Local and global knowledge
  • Trans India operations
  • Asian Sourcing
  • Lower supplier cost
  • Lower transport cost
  • More Capital
  • Bigger Supplier
  • Big Volumes
  • Better IT systems
  • Better SC management practices
  • Less wastage
  • Export seeking for gaining government support
  • Local resistance
  • JV partner frictions
  • How to increase national market share?
  • How to overcome local resistance?
  • How to tap expertise of partners?
  • How to run smoothly the JV?
  • Targeting institutional and retail demand
  • Initiate PR exercise by supporting some social cause / event to overcome local resistance
  • Tap expertise of partners
  • Bring international brands for Indian markets
  • Leverage SCM practices of foreign partner
  • Leverage regional sourcing


  • Much bigger volumes
  • Global sourcing
  • Large capital base
  • Much higher technology
  • Prior experience, trained human resources & global knowledge
  • Excellent SCM practices
  • Export platform in India
  • Limited local knowledge
  • Strong local resistance
  • How to get market entry?
  • How to overcome local resistance?
  • How to establish local sourcing?
  • Leverage global knowledge and experience
  • Leverage global brands for upwardly moving Indian young population 
  • Leverage global sourcing
  • Leverage Indian sourcing base for global operations
  • Target institutional sales
  • Leverage big volumes to reduce prices
  • Launch PR exercise by supporting some social cause


Supply-Demand Options

Player type

Target Market

Supply Sourcing



(Small player)

Local Retail


Local(North/ South/ East/ West)



(Big Player)

Retail & Institutional

Pan Indian ,Regional, Global


Pan Indian, Regional, Global




Retail & Institutional

Pan Indian, Regional, Global


Pan Indian, Regional, Global




Retail & Institutional

Pan Indian, Regional, Global


Pan Indian, Regional, Global



Sourcing options & Characteristics

Sourcing Location



Fresher but high commodity prices

Lower transport cost

Higher stock out

Higher supplier reliability

Lower supplier quality

Pan Indian


Lower commodity price

Higher transport costs

Lower stock outs

Lower supplier reliability

Higher supplier quality


Much lower commodity price

Much higher transport costs

Much Lower stock outs

Much Lower supplier reliability

Much Higher supplier quality


Lowest commodity price

Highest  transport costs

Lowest stock outs

Lowest supplier reliability

Highest supplier quality


Demand options & Characteristics




Local Retail Demand

Steady growth curve

Local Institutional demand

Steady growth curve

Pan Indian Demand

Steady growth curve

Regional demand

Variability/ volatility of demand

Global Demand

Demand volatility with higher peaks/depths


Events / Messages

Event Type



Under Production

Drought/Bad Monsoon

Price hikes

Stop exports


Transport strikes


Less sourcing from outside

Less exports

Over Production

Good Monsoon

Lower prices

More Exports

Market Distortion

Government policy changes

Stop exports for certain periods