Welcome to the Distributor Game, a game developed around the concept of a distributor in a global supply chain. On this and a few other pages you will find all the information that is needed to play one of the versions of the game. On this page you will find the general information for instaling Java and starting a player application. On the other pages you will find more detailed information about the case, "local vs. global", that you will play and how to login. In the "local vs. global" section you will find some background information, information with regards to key decisions in the game and some information about the different regions in the game.

Using the following link, you can download a pdf version of the handout (it can be printed in letter size or A4 paper). This version also contains a description of the case "Local vs. Global". Further, this handout contains a description of the game flow and the player application.

For practicing the game, you can click here. Via this link you will be guided to startup a player application to practice the game. This practice game runs slower than a game that is played for real. Further, this game is reset every 24 hours and has a limited number of users.

For immediate questions, you may visit the Frequently Asked Questions section, which can be found in the menu on the left.

A video is available to demonstrate the working of the player application. In order to view the video, Flash version 8 or higher needs to be installed as plugin for your browser. This and the other video can best be viewed using a screen resolution of 1152x864 or higher.

Click here to start the Flash player video