Several games are available on agricultural supply chain topics:

  • Battleground India. A game that aims at teaching strategic issues around distribution channels for supermarkets in India. The Indian retail supply chain is quite complex. With local markets, reginal supermarkets, nationwide supermarkets, joint-ventures between Indian companies and foreign companies, and new foreign entries on the retail market, it is quite difficult for a distributor to decide on a sourcing strategy and a sales strategy. In addition, there can be fluctuations in the demand and supply, and weather conditions like the monsoon can make transportation from and to the warehouses and retailers quite difficult.
  • India Mango Game. This game looks at the reduction of waste in the mango supply chain game. The game is placed in India, where typically a large percentage of agricultural products is lost in the supply chain, due to problems with transportation and storage, and due to a mismatch between supply and demand. Several options exist to reduce waste, or to use the unsold products for other purposes, such as mango pulp production, but deciding on the best strategy is not easy. This game allows the players to explore several options for waste reduction, and test the effectiveness and robustness of their strategy under changing conditions.