Welcome to the portal of the Global Supply Chain Games (http://www.gscg.org) project. The Global Supply Chain Games project aims at developing a flexible environment, based on the Java programming language and the DSOL simulation environment, to create teaching games for Supply Chain Management. The project is a result of a joint project of Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Systems Engineering Section, and the University of Maryland, R.H. Smith School of Business, Supply Chain Management Center. Main researcher on the project was Stijn-Pieter van Houten, whose Ph.D. thesis can be found at this site.

The games provided via this site are developed to provide a realistic setting in which students and managers can experience fundamental concepts and issues in supply chain management. They may experiment with different strategies, in different supply chains, with different products and different issues. Players are challenged to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills related to supply chain management. The games create a setting in which success and failure are both possible, they actively experience managing a supply chain actor, such as a manufacturer or distributor. Furthermore they experience the influence of competition trough extended possibilities for competing against fellow students or managers. Depending on the game, management of an actor may be divided between several players with their own customized player applications, enabling as such team play. Tradeoffs for games are made on a customized and detailed level, allowing us to provide games with great realism and feasibility.

Several games are available to play on this site. Select a game from the menu on the top if you want background information on any of the games. Several of the games have to be specifically set-up and deployed in order to play. For most of the games, a password is needed to log on. If you want more information, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Delft University of Technology.

The menus on the top also provide you with some background information on supply chains, on simulation, and on supply chain simulation and gaming. Several links provide information about relevant external resources and contact information.